Privacy Policy

In order to safeguard your legitimate rights and interests and protect your personal data security, Robovox Distributions GmbH. Formally reminds you before you (users) install and use this application software (APP):

  1. Age Confirmation: Confirm that you have reached the age of 16; or you are under 16 but have obtained the consent or legal authorization of your guardian.
  2. Data Collection: In order to ensure that you can properly register and use this APP, we need to collect your email address (both real name and anonymous) when registering your account, so that you can receive the registration verification code, otherwise you will not be able to enjoy the products and services from us. This APP will not actively collect your other personal identity information, and we will not make automated decisions about you, including data portraits, and we have no responsibility or obligation to have identity verification for you.
  3. Data Transfer: After you have applied for registration, your email address will be transferred to our Cloud Storage Service Provider (hereinafter referred to as “Processor”) located in China.
  4. Data Storage: Your e-mail address will be stored on the servers of Processor, and we will send you e-mail replies via the administrator account provided by the Processor after assigning the verification code. Only the specific data protection personnel of Processor and us will contact and process your email address information. Both we and the Processor will take reasonable management and technical measures to ensure that your email address will not be compromised.
  5. Data Processing: Data generated during your use will be stored on the server of Processor and will be accessed during your use of APP. We and Processor will not process your personal data unless you have agreed to do so.
  6. Data Deletion: Upon your request, or if your account has been forgotten (unused for more than 1 year), we can delete your email address and delete all copies of the information.

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Please read the above terms carefully and please continue with the following steps if you understand, confirm and agree to the above content.

User Agreement

1. Overview

This User Agreement is a legal agreement between User and Robovox Distributions GmbH (hereinafter referred to as “ZACO”). Users are individuals who are willing to accept or have actually accepted the products and services provided by ZACO. This Agreement is a general term applicable for the users to accept the ZACO Products and Services. Therefore, please carefully read this User Agreement in detail before registering as an ZACO User or accepting ZACO products and services. User understands and agrees that he or she has accepted this User Agreement and the various service rules released by ZACO and is willing to be bound by them as long as he or she clicks the “Agree” button and completes the registration, or the user actually accepts the products and services of ZACO. In the event of a dispute, the user shall not plead on the grounds that he or she did not read it carefully or did not fully understand it. User is also reminded that ZACO reserves the right to change this User Agreement and the relevant Service Rules at any time as business conditions change. Upon modification of this User Agreement, ZACO will announce the fact of the modification on the relevant page without notice to the User individually. If the User disagrees with this User Agreement or the relevant Service Rules, or disagrees with the modification made by ZACO, he or she may voluntarily stop using the Products and Services provided by ZACO. If the User continues to use the Products and Services provided by ZACO after the modification by ZACO, it indicates that the User agrees with the modification made by ZACO to this User Agreement and the relevant Service Rules. ZACO will not be liable for any loss caused by User’s unfamiliarity with the notice after the change of User Agreement.

2. Copyright Statement

All information, data, copyright of technologies (including related software), patent right, trademarks, trade secrets, other intellectual property rights, proprietary rights or other rights provided by ZACO and related to products and services are owned by ZACO or its obligees, and User shall not modify, copy, distribute, transmit, display, execute, reproduce, distribute, license, make derivative works, transfer or sell any such information, data, software, products and services without prior legal authorization from ZACO or its obligees. If the User fails to comply with the foregoing provisions of this Article, ZACO may immediately terminate the provision of Products and Services to the User without prejudice to any other rights, and the User shall destroy any such information, data, software or products that have been obtained. ZACO has the ownership of any data information generated by the User in the course of using the ZACO software or in the course of the user’s acceptance of the services of ZACO. Users have understood and agreed that all data on all servers provided by ZACO shall be owned by Robovox Distributions GmbH Without affecting the normal reception of services by users, ZACO has the right to decide whether to retain all or part of the data on the server.

3. Price Policy

ZACO may charge Users certain fees for part of the products and services it provides. In this case, ZACO will give the explicit prompt on the relevant page. If the User refuses to pay such fees, then he or she cannot use the relevant products and services. For the charged products and services of ZACO, Users shall purchase in accordance with the price policy established by ZACO; Otherwise, ZACO can immediately stop providing the product and services to the user. ZACO shall have the right to determine and modify from time to time the rates and methods of charging for the Products and Services provided (including the change from free to charging), and may establish different rates and methods of charging for different Products and Services, or may determine different rates and methods of charging for different phases of the Products and Services provided; In addition, ZACO may revise its price policy from time to time. It will highlight the information such as price rates, methods of payment, methods of purchase, or other information related to price policies for the Products and Services in the notable positions of the relevant pages of the Products and Services. In order to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of users and the right to fully use ZACO’s products and services, Users are recommended to purchase relevant products and services from the distributor designated by ZACO.

4. Account Number and Password

The User understands and agrees that the User shall not disclose or provide to others the account number and password without the permission and registration of ZACO, nor shall the User lend or transfer the account number to others for use. In case that the account number or password is disclosed due to the User’s own fault or the infection of virus or Trojan horse during the User’s use of products, the User shall bear the loss caused thereby. ZACO employees (including but not limited to ZACO website and forum administrators, customer service personnel, etc.) will not ask Users’ passwords in any way. Therefore, Users shall not disclose passwords to anyone and shall not share the same account number with multiple users. If the User loses his password, ZACO reserves the right to charge an additional fee for the service that handles this issue. If the User finds that the account number or password is used illegally or abnormally by others, the User shall immediately notify ZACO, and submit all relevant proof that the account number is owned by him, so as to apply for the suspension of the account number, and ZACO shall not be liable for the losses caused thereby. However, ZACO is obliged to assist the case-handling authorities in making inquiries when the User applies to file a case in accordance with the provisions of the law.

Under one of the following circumstances, ZACO no longer saves personal data such as the User’s account number:

  1. The User terminates the use of the products or services provided by ZACO;
  2. The User withdraws the “consent right” of the previous step or applies for cancellation of the account number;
  3. The User forgets the account number (account number has not been used for more than 1 year);
  4. The User requests ZACO to delete the stored personal data;
  5. ZACO stops providing products or services to the User;
  6. For other legal reasons.

5. User Rights

Users may accept the products and services provided by ZACO in accordance with the User Agreement and other rules published by ZACO. Users have the right to supervise ZACO and the staff to provide products and services in accordance with the standards published by ZACO, and may also make any product and services related suggestions to ZACO. Users who have a valid account can use the information necessary for the service on the ZACO server. If the user disagrees with this user agreement or dissatisfied with the modification made by ZACO, the user has the right to stop using the products and services of ZACO at any time. If so, ZACO will no longer assume any obligations and responsibilities to the user.

With respect to personal data protection of the User, the User shall have the following rights:

  1. Access right. The User shall have the right to confirm from ZACO whether its personal data is being processed and to access personal data and related information in such circumstances. If ZACO collects user personal data from other sources, the User shall have the right to know any information from its source.
  2. Right of correction and deletion. The User shall have the right to request ZACO to correct or delete its inaccurate and unnecessary personal data, or other personal data that should be deleted in accordance with the law in a timely manner. If you forget your account number, or if your account number has not been used for a long time, we will delete your email account number actively. You can also cancel and delete the personal data of your email account on your own.
  3. Right of limiting or opposing disposal. The User shall have the right to limit or oppose the personal data which it suspects to be inaccurate, unnecessary or illegally processed by ZACO, or to limit or oppose ZACO’s disposal of personal data on appropriate legal grounds.
  4. Right to be informed. Unless it is impossible to do so, or a disproportionate amount of work is required, the User shall have the right to request ZACO to inform the User of the results of exercising the right to correct, delete, or limit the processing.
  5. The right to appeal to a regulatory bodies.

6. Obligations of Users

The User shall prepare its own mobile phones or other communication devices for registering and using the network. The User has the obligation to keep the account number and password of ZACO properly. When logged in with the correct user account and password, the person using the account is deemed to be the User himself, and any action taken by him will be deemed to be the User’s action, and the User shall be responsible for all actions taken by the User of the account. The User agrees to comply with the terms and conditions of the ZACO website and customer service center, and shall periodically review the terms and conditions published on the official ZACO website. The User shall follow the following principles when using ZACO services:

  1. To abide by the relevant local laws and regulations;
  2. Not to use the service system for any unlawful purpose;
  3. To comply with all service-related network protocols, regulations and procedures;
  4. Not to modify, conduct the reversion engineering, decompile, disassemble, copy or distribute the content including, but not limited to the LIFE website and the software provided;
  5. Not to take any abnormal use that may affect ZACO network services (including but not limited to damage, attack or overload the server, etc.);
  6. Not to use ZACO’s products or accept services through or with the assistance of third party software.
  7. Not to use any intellectual property rights of ZACO to create or provide identical or similar network services, such as emulation servers, without the written permission of ZACO;
  8. Not to use the ZACO products and network service system to conduct any behavior that may adversely affect the normal operation of the Internet or may interfere with others’ normal use of the products and network services provided by ZACO;
  9. Not to transmit any harassing, slanderous, abusive, intimidating, vulgar, obscene, fraudulent or any other illegal information through the ZACO network service system;
  10. Not to utilize ZACO service system for other acts detrimental to ZACO;
  11. Not to use the data or information obtained from sources other than those designated by ZACO;
  12. To have the consultation on the services, products and business of ZACO and the Business Partners conducted through the customer service channels and other special communication channels designated by ZACO, and not to conduct the negative publicity about ZACO and its related services in public;
  13. To immediately notify ZACO of any illegal use of the user account or the security vulnerabilities in the account.

7. Cancellation of Account, Termination and Suspension of Services

If the User has any one or more of the following behaviors, ZACO has the right to cancel the User’s account or terminate or suspend all or part of its services to the User at any time:

  1. Violation of this User Agreement or other service rules issued by ZACO;
  2. Abuse of the rights enjoyed;
  3. Using ZACO services by improper means;
  4. Acts prejudicial to the rights and interests of ZACO and its obligees, affiliated enterprises or partners, and the legitimate rights and interests of other users;
  5. The User withdraws the “consent right” of the previous step to ZACO, or the User requests ZACO to stop providing products or services;
  6. Acts violating the local laws and regulations, social customs and morals;
  7. Other violations of related provisions of ZACO;

The User agrees that ZACO shall have the final right to interpret whether User’s conduct is in conformity with this User Agreement and the relevant specifications for the use of the Products and Services.

8. Network Service Interruption

ZACO shall have the right to discontinue the network services provided, even without notice, and shall not be liable to the User in any of the following circumstances:

  1. To regularly perform necessary maintenance, preservation and construction of relevant website servers and other network equipment or relevant official websites of the products and network services provided; Users can check the downtime maintenance slots at the ZACO official website;
  2. To conduct the necessary maintenance, preservation and construction of the relevant website servers and other network equipment or the relevant official websites of the products and network services provided at any time in accordance with the judgment of ZACO;
  3. Malfunction and failure of hardware and software equipment of ZACO’s partner system or negligence of human operation;
  4. Invasion of ZACO’s network by others, tampering with, corrections and deletions or falsification and fabrication of the website data, or committed any act that affects the normal operation of ZACO’s computer system;
  5. Cause of force majeure;
  6. Legal or statutory procedure-based requirements of the relevant organizations;
  7. Other provisions based on law or national policy;

9. Termination of Network Services

ZACO may terminate the network services at any time according to the actual situation, and ZACO may terminate the network service at any time without being responsible for any user or third parties.

10. Privacy Protection

It is a basic policy of ZACO to protect users’ privacy. ZACO will take the commercially reasonable approaches to protecting the security of the user’s personal data. ZACO will use commonly available security techniques (e.g. Data encryption, etc.) and procedures (e.g. Internal Process System, signing Confidentiality Agreement with Processor, etc.) to protect users’ personal data from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure. ZACO shall not be liable for any loss of the User account or disclosure of the User’s Personal Data which is not due to the fault of ZACO. ZACO promises that it will not disclose the account number, password answer, etc. in the user’s registration information without obtaining the user’s permission. However, this commitment will not apply if:

  1. Users allow ZACO to disclose such personal data;
  2. ZACO is required by relevant laws and regulations or administrative rules to disclose the personal data of Users;
  3. The judicial or administrative authorities require ZACO to disclose the personal data of Users on the basis of legal procedure;
  4. In order to protect the intellectual property and other property rights of ZACO, the personal data of Users shall be disclosed to the extent permitted by law;
  5. Disclosure of the Users’ personal data is required in emergency situations in order to protect the personal safety of other users and the general public, if permitted by law;
  6. ZACO may cooperate with a third party to provide the relevant products and services to the User, in which case ZACO may provide the User’s registration information, etc. to the third party if the third party agrees to assume the same responsibility for protecting the privacy of the user as ZACO. Under the premise of the privacy policy permitted by law, ZACO has the right to conduct technical analysis of the entire user database, and to make reasonable commercial use of the user database that has been analyzed and collated so that ZACO can provide users with upgrades and improvements in Products or Services.

For better protection of personal data and privacy, Users should not use their own or others’ real portrait, photos and other identifiable information pictures as personal profile picture in the APP.

11. Liability for Breach of Contract

Users agree to protect and defend the interests of ZACO and other Users, and shall agree to be liable for damages caused to ZACO or any other third party by their violation of any of the relevant laws, regulations or any of the provisions of this User Agreement. Users agree to indemnify ZACO’s parent company, subsidiaries, affiliates, employees, and all related personnel for all damages and liabilities arising out of Users’ violation of relevant laws and regulations or this User Agreement.

12. Disclaimer

To the maximum extent permitted by law, ZACO will not provide any warranties, express or implied, to the Users, including, but not limited to, any implied warranties and liabilities for marketability, suitability, reliability, accuracy, completeness, virus-free and error-free categories. In addition, to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, ZACO neither warrants that the Products and Services provided by ZACO will definitely meet the requirements of the User, nor the services provided will not be interrupted, and that there is no warranty as to the timeliness, security, occurrence of errors, or accuracy, timeliness, or smoothness of the delivery of the Products and Services. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, ZACO shall not be liable for any accidental, indirect, special, or consequential damages or requests (including but not limited to compensation for damages due to personal injury, leakage of privacy, failure to perform any responsibility including honesty or reasonable care, negligence and any pecuniary loss or other loss) arising from the User’s use of ZACO’s Products and Services or in any way related to ZACO’s Products and Services.

13. Legal Jurisdiction

The interpretation and application of the relevant specifications of the Products and Services, as well as the rights and obligations arising from Users’ use of ZACO Products and Services, shall be governed by the laws of Europe Union. Therefore, all disputes arising therefrom shall be handled by the court of first instance where Robovox Distributions GmbH. is located. In addition, if any content of this User Agreement contradicts with the local law where the User is located, the latter shall prevail.

14. Service and Notification

All notifications under this User Agreement may be made by means of announcements on important page, e-mails or regular correspondence; The notification shall be deemed to have been delivered to the addressee on the date of sending.

15. Miscellaneous Provisions

In the event of any discrepancy in understanding of any of the terms of this User Agreement, the interpretation given by ZACO shall prevail. If any provision of this User Agreement becomes wholly or partly invalid or unenforceable for any reason, the remaining provisions of this User Agreement shall remain in force and binding on the parties hereto. The headings in this User Agreement are for convenience only and have no legal or contractual effect.