My first post

So this is how it is, my first regular job. As of now, I write for the ZACO crew.

ZACO – at first, I thought to myself: what is that? What do they want from me? I don’t just do every job… I didn’t have to before. Things are pretty good, nice apartment, beautiful garden, food on demand… So why work now all of a sudden?

Everyone at ZACO was really nice to me. I have no idea how they found me, but they did. Okay, almost everyone knows that cleanliness is holy to me, and they had such tasty treats with them… Not that I’m easily bribed!

Then I was told what I had to do. Well, I told them right away: cleaning is not on the list. When I clean, I clean myself. Because, as you know, cleanliness is very important to me. Wait, have I said that already? But I was assured that all I had to do was press a button and simply wait.

It’s a deal, I thought to myself.

But then it started right away. And believe me, at first, I was very shocked. They put a round thing in front of my nose – a robot vacuum. Excuse me, what? It cleans my apartment all by itself: that’s what they told me about ZACO.

Not only that, but all I have to do is press the start button, and off it goes. Aha. That’s exactly what I did – and jumped on the couch in fright. Because the thing… what was that called again? Oh yes, the A9s, it really did immediately drive off and start to clean the apartment. All by itself. I didn’t believe it, but it’s true.

And it wasn’t even that loud, so I could continue my nap in peace. Until it drove under the couch. Did you hear me? Under the couch! It is so low that I can barely get under it. And it even cleaned under there by itself.

After about two hours, during which I had nothing to do except sometimes look at what this robot does, it suddenly turned around and drove onto a …thingy. I was told it was called a charging dock.

What should I say? The apartment was clean. I checked thoroughly; you can believe me.

Not bad for a robot… Well, I mean, it wasn’t as clean as my fur.

So, my first day in my new job was okay. But tomorrow it continues. The girls and boys from ZACO want to explain to me that it, what was that again – oh yes, the A9s, can also mop.

I’m excited about that one.

But that would have been too much for one day. Although the A9s would have been ready for use again immediately after recharging (that’s apparently what it’s called). But enough is enough for the first day in a new job,

and I had to write this post. It really is a lot of work.

So, we’ll hear (or rather read) from one another again.

Until next time.

Love, Prince Harry.

And stay clean!